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Tobacco Product Manufacturer Requirements and Resources

Virginia Tobacco Directory

*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  

On October 1, 2003, the Office of the Attorney General began publishing the Virginia Tobacco Directory listing tobacco product manufacturers and tobacco products that are in compliance with Virginia law.  This directory lists the names of those tobacco product manufacturers that have been certified by the Attorney General as being fully compliant, together with their brands and brand families.  The directory will be updated as necessary to add and remove tobacco product manufacturers and/or brands and brand families.

RETAILERS/WHOLESALERS: You must review the directory frequently to ensure that the tobacco products you stamp, sell, and/or import are listed and should refer to Va. Code §3.2-4207 and Va. Code §3.2-4212 for information concerning the prohibition against the stamping, sale and/or import of tobacco products not listed in the Virginia Tobacco Directory.

NOTICE OF INJUNCTIONS PROHIBITING TOBACCO SALES:  The Commonwealth of Virginia has obtained judgments against the following non-compliant tobacco product manufacturers who are prohibited by court order from selling their tobacco products in or into Virginia, whether directly or through a distributor, retailer, or similar intermediary or intermediaries and have been ordered to bring themselves into full compliance with Virginia law.

American Virginia Industria e Comercia de Importacao e Exportacao de Tabacos Ltda.
Apara International
China National Tobacco Corp.
CigTec Tobacco LLC
Compania Sulamericana de Tabacos SA
Eurolider SA
Fortune Tobacco
GA Karanis SA
GB Tobacco International Ltd.
Grand River Enterprises
GTC Industries Ltd. (Golden Tobacco Co.)
Gulf Conversion Co. LLC
Intercontinental Pacific Manufacturing Corp.
JJ Holand Ltd.
Kisanlal Bastiram Sarda
M/S Mohanlal Hargovinddas
M'exim Singapore Ptd. Ltd.
Mighty Corp. (La Campana Fabrica De Tabacos)
Poro International Business Corp. Ltd.
PT Bentoel Prima
Ranvir Bidi Works (G.H, Jani Bidi (P) Ltd.)
Ridgeway Brands Manufacturing LLC
Robert A. Gordon Cigarette Co.
Sable Waghire & Co. Ltd.
Tabacalera Boqueron
Tabacalera Honnington
Tabacalera Nazionale
Th.D. Georgiades
Universal Hamilton Manufacturing Co.

If you have information that any of these tobacco product manufacturers are continuing to sell their tobacco products in or into Virginia, contact the Office of the Attorney General’s Tobacco Enforcement Section at (804) 786-0148.