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Tobacco Regulation and Enforcement

{tab Virginia Tobacco Directory}


Virginia Tobacco Directory

Click here to view the Virginia Tobacco DirectoryClick here to view the Virginia Tobacco Directory


**   You must review the Directory frequently to ensure that the tobacco products you stamp, sell, and/or import are listed and should refer to Va. Code §3.2-4207 and Va. Code §3.2-4212 for information concerning the prohibition against the stamping, sale and/or import of tobacco products not listed in the Virginia Tobacco Directory. **




{tab Cigarette Trafficking}

Effective July 1, 2015 - List of persons ineligible to be authorized holders of cigarettes in Virginia.

For more information on the latest Virginia code on authorized holders, click here



{tab Federal Tobacco Regulation}

** FDA Issues Orders to Stop Sale of Four R.J. Reynolds Cigarette Brands. **

FDA Press Release

RJR Press Release



{tab Stampers-Wholesalers-Distributors}

Stamping Agent Requirements and Resources

Guidance Regarding Sell Through Periods


Important Notice to Tobacco Product Manufacturers doing business in Virginia, their Importers, if applicable, and Stamping Agents authorized to affix Virginia cigarette tax revenue stamps



{tab Useful Links}

Useful Links:

{tab Manufacturers}

Tobacco Manufacturers:

** Notice to participating manufacturers regarding 2017 certification process.

** Notice to non-participating manufacturers regarding 2017 certification process.

Participating Tobacco Product Manufacturer Requirements and Resources

Non-Participating Tobacco Product Manufacturer Requirements and Resources



{tab Retailers}



Retail Inspection Information

Guidance Regarding Sell Through Periods



{tab Delivery Sellers}

Delivery Sellers:

Important Notice to Cigarette Delivery Sellers

Forms for Cigarette Delivery Sellers:

AG-3 Registration Form for Persons and Entities Making Delivery Sales of Cigarettes

AG-4 Cigarette Delivery Sellers Monthly Report and Continuation Form




{tab Contact Information}


Contact Information:

Office of the Attorney General
Tobacco Enforcement Unit

202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-0148
Fax: (804)786-0142